Top Most Students Paying Job In Canada

Education is never an end to means because there are thousands of things to do and earn a living even without having a degree certificate.

Many people think without a college degree you cants be employed. In this article, we will be looking at a number of such jobs. We will be looking at the top Most Students Paying Job In Canada.

This days, work are not given based on degree certificate but towards skill, expertise, and knowledge in the field from the employee. As a job seeker, it is important to check if the field one intends to land a job in is degree-dependent or not.

Top Most Students Paying Job In Canada

1. Power Plant Operator

This job position is expected to grow in terms of job growth by 1% from now to 2026. The average wage per year for a power plant operator is about $79,610.

This is a very comfortable earning. The work of a power plant operator is to help in distributing power among generators, be in charge of the machinery used in the generation of electricity, perform acts of maintenance and control of these machinery.

They are also responsible for the correction of Voltage flow to consumers depending on the time of the day and how much voltage they need. To qualify, all you need is a high school diploma and relevant on-site training.

2. Detectives/Criminal Investigators

The average annual wage for a detective is about $81,920 a year, and the job is projected to grow by about 5% from now to 2026. These law enforcement officials work on criminal cases by collecting evidence and facts gathering. To become a detective you will need at least a high school diploma.

3. Elevator Repairers and Installers

The average annual wage for an Elevator Repairer/ Installer is about $79,780. And this job position is projected to grow by 12% from now to 2026. Elevator Installers and Repairers are the ones in charge of installing, repairing, fixing, and maintaining elevators and escalators. They also move walkways and other lifts. To qualify for this job, you need a High school diploma and you will need to undergo a lot of training to be licensed depending on your country.

4. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

The average annual wage of these operators is about $94,350. This job has been projected to grow by -10% from now till 2026. These operators monitor and control nuclear reactor systems and cooling systems.

5. Computer Security Analyst

These people are also called Information Security Analysts. The average annual salary outlook for this job as of 2019 was about $99,730. And the job is expected to grow by about 32% every year growing faster than average. Many companies are looking for employees skilled in IT Security and computer programming more than a college degree.

6. Computer Programmer

Computer Programmers usually know a number of programming languages from Java to C++, to Javascript. They are usually skilled in creating, writing, and testing codes. The average annual pay as of 2019 for this job was about $86,550. And the job is expected to grow immensely in coming years.

7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

They are also called Ultrasound technicians are usually very highly paid workers. This job also does not require a degree. There are usually one-year certification programs to be a qualified Ultrasound technician. And the job is experiencing a 14% growth every year. They earn about $68,750 on average a year as of 2019.

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