How To Submit Google Adsense Tax Information In Nigeria and Get Approved Less Than 1 Minute

Google Adsense now is becoming weird to creators all over the world. as far as we know, Google Adsense Tax Information is not necessary for Youtube Creators outside the U.S

Then All publishers know their earnings are completely yours as long as google takes his share and the rest of the payment will be available for withdrawal without any issues,

All these things will be a story by the end of May 2021 because google will start deducting 24% of total earnings worldwide from all monetizing creators outside the U.S. as a Tax Payment (revenue you earned from the U.S. viewers), but you can reduce this amount to 10% if you submit Google Adsense tax Information according to your country,

All creators outside the United States must provide this information by May 31, 2021, otherwise, Google will automatically start deducting 24% of the total revenue they generated all over the world.

Why Youtube Google Adsense tells Publishers to provide their Tax Information?

Google made this message clear just like they wrote and sent the full article to all Adsense publishers to their email inbox. According to what they said:

Google has the responsibility under chapter 3 of the U.S Internal Revenue Code to collect tax info from all monetizing creators outside of the U.S and deduct taxes in certain instances when they earn income from viewers in the U.S

So if you have a Youtube channel that has been earning money but not from the United States visitors or viewers, the tax deduction will not affect you, but in any case, you must provide your Tax Identification Number, so Google will know your earnings mostly comes from the U.S or not,

How To Submit Google Adsense Tax Information In Nigeria

Google Adsense Tax Information

Google has sent a full article about this issue, and it contains a link to where you would provide tax info according to your country, or you can follow these steps in the video below to complete this process successfully.

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You can see a notification in your Google AdSense dashboard like this: Important: Check if additional tax information is required from you. All YouTube creators and partners are required to submit tax information to ensure any applicable taxes on your payments are accurate.

Just watch this video till the end to complete your Google Adsense Tax Information submission, and remember you must own a Tax Identification Number (TIN) to complete this process successfully.

If you don’t have a TIN Number in Nigeria, you can visit this website address to register a new one or go to FIRS Office to collect yours, and it’s totally free of charge.

You must provide this information before June 2021, or you would lose $24 off any $100 you withdraw from your Youtube channel, and this will continue to happen on any payment you request in Google Adsense.

How to fill and submit Youtube Adsense tax info for non-U.S Creators (Nigeria) | Lower Your Tax Rate

Here is the Video:

This video explained everything about How To Submit Google Adsense Tax Information In Nigeria. Just watch it carefully, and follow all the steps in the video.

Final Advice

According to the email, monetized creators got on the 9th of March, Google will start withholding U.S taxes on earnings we generate from viewers in the United States. submitting your tax info in your Google Adsense is quite urgent in order to avoid a deduction in your tax rate,

If your country has a tax treaty with the U.S, you can get a 0% withholding tax rate but here in Nigeria, we do not have that. I hope you find this article helpful, Please share this post.

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